Violation Information

It is important to remember that both homeowners and tenants are responsible for abiding by the CC&R's and Rules and Regulations of the community. Homeowners are required to provide a copy of these documents to their tenants and are ultimately responsible for any violations their tenant may incur.

Those who wish to report a violation may do so by sending an e-mail to . The party making the complaint (no anonymous complaints) must include their contact information as the Management Company may need to contact you to ask for additional information if necessary. Each complaint should clearly state the facts of the violation and identify the location of the problem (including the exact address with house number and street). If you are experiencing an issue with a neighbor, your first effort should be to talk with them directly to resolve any conflicts. 


The violation enforcement process is typically included in the Association's Governing Documents. The first step in the violation enforcement process is to identify that a CC&R violation has occurred. In most cases, this discovery process happens during a routine property inspection, conducted by your property manager. If you are thought to be in violation of the Governing Documents of the Association, the Management Company will send you a courtesy notice notifying you of the violation, and asking you to correct the problem. If you do not correct the violation, or if you do not otherwise respond to explain the situation, the Management Company will send a second letter or final notice asking again that you correct the violation. If the violation continues, you will receive a notice from the Management Company stating an Executive Session Hearing has been scheduled before the Board of Directors or the Association's Judicial Committee.  The purpose of the hearing is to gather information from the homeowner and discuss solutions for achieving compliance. In the event the homeowner is unable to attend the hearing, they may fill out the response form that was included with the hearing notice and return it to the management office two business days prior to the date of the scheduled hearing. The response form will be reviewed by the Board of Directors; however will not ensure that fines and/or further action will be taken to obtain compliance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently moved, it is your responsibility to provide the Management Company with your updated address by filling out a Household Profile Form which is available to download from the Downloadable Forms section of this website or you may request this form by contacting our office at (916) 746-0011.